About the company...

The main motto of Pan PolyChem & Herbo Products Ltd is to expand its projects to make huge employement and to cut down the price of the competitive products which will help common people and make good environment in india.


  • The Architect of the company is Mr. B.C. Pan, who also holds the apex position of the Managing Director in the organization.
  • Mr. Pan is multi-talented to his heart, his contribution towards progressive and intellectual causes and modern poetry is well known. His economics based philosophy "Shanti O Unnayoner Path" and its english version "Way to Peace and Development" have touched heart of a class of intelectual personalities.He has moved further into enriching the Bengali literature by authoring and publishing several well publicized novels which sheds light on the modern society of Bengal.
  • The contribution of Mr. Pan towards global business is well accepted throughout the industry.
  • Mr. Pan bears a dynamic, noble and sociable personality; above all he is naturally hardworking.


  • Conferred Bharat Gourav award in the year 2010 at the National level by his Excellency, Shri S.C. Jamir, Governor of Maharastra, Minister Goutam Roy, Ex-Minister M.V. Rajshekhar et al.
  • Received Smarak Samman from Rajya Sishu Sahitya Utsav (West-Bengal) in the year 2010.
  • Conferred Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award in the year 2009 at the national level in the presence of Governor B.P. Singh, Major Vyed Prakash (General Secretary All India Congress Committee), Hon. Minister B. Panchupte, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India Mr.G.V.G. Krishnamurthy et al.
  • Received Sahityarnab title in the year 1982 from Akhil Bharat Bangiya Kobi Parishad in the gracious presence of noted writer Bani Roy, Dr. Sudhir Bera (Chancellor, World Poetry Society), Kabikankan Hemanta Kumar Bandopadhyay et al.
  • Sri Pan also had participated in diverse development projects along with Hon. Minister of State Sri Subhash Naskar, Hon. Members of the Legislature of different parties exhibiting true democratic traditions, Dr. Sudhir Bera (International Man of the year 1991-92), Former Chief Justice and Governor Sri Shyamal Sen alongside with other Social workers, Scientists, reputed Political personalities.
  • His literary work Way to Peace and Development (economics based philosophy) and Kancha Matir path Dhore (Kabita Sankalan) are vivid and detailed images of our nation and will play a pivotal role in Peace and overall development of our nation and throughout the world.